Nov 7, 2013

A Challenge to Myself

Yesterday I got an idea for a little challenge I could put myself up to that might be a good thing. The thing about posting is that it encourages me to follow through for real!

Truth: I pretty well always test my blood when I first wake up in the morning. I also like testing just before I go to bed so I can actually sleep... novel idea. But the times inbetween? Ya know, the huge majority of the day? It's really a total shot in the dark as to what with happen with my testing then.

I'll take insulin for what I eat, but often not test to know if I got it right or how to dose beyond that. For real, lots and lots of days I've just kinda gone from 20 unit dose to 20 unit dose, meal to meal, hoping it covers whatever else happens in the process.

All this honesty on here... I'm not sure quite yet if it's liberating or nerve-wracking! To make sure it's not just for laughs and doesn't result in real improvement, back to that challenge I had in mind for myself...

For the rest of this month, since its Diabetes Awareness Month, at some point I'll post two pictures of my mid-day blood sugars. Even if they're crappy... kinda like these ones. Actually, I thought they weren't half bad- anything in the 100's still I'm pretty happy about. But, I know, these barely qualify... I was stoked with how close together they were though! That I didn't eat without correcting in those four hours or get my carb count totally wrong :) Anyway...

I'll share these either on twitter (@DoneDiabetic) or instagram (cre8ivesky), or here. Or maybe both :) I'll use the tag #middaybgchallenge for my own sake and on the hope that by some miracle someone's actually reading and cares to join in too!

Hopefully by the end of the month, I've gotten into a good habit of being more aware of testing during the daytime hours. Then I'll stop bugging everyone with numbers ;) I'm excited! It's exciting how this blog has put diabetes more into the forefront of my mind. Naturally, that helps me better. Instead of trying to pretend it doesn't exist or having this inner hatred eating me inside, I'm just putting it all out there. That seems to be taking away its power. :)

Thanks for reading! I'd love to see your #middaybgchallenge numbers too :)


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