Nov 4, 2013

Photo-a-Day: PROUD

There's way more than I could list in one post that I'm really NOT proud of when it comes to diabetes, to my management choices. And as this blog gets off the ground, I'm sure I'll get plenty of them out in the open, in the hopes of taking away their power. I know, that probably makes no sense.

I'm trying to join in on a Diabetes Month Photo a Day idea I saw at the great diabetic blog Six Until Me. Today's prompt is 'proud' so I don't want to dwell on the things I'm not proud of for now :)

My only real solid thought of something I'm proud of relative to diabetes was my boys. Gosh I was more diligent when I was hoping for them and expecting them. I tested and logged and had 6 range A1Cs. If nothing else, I'm proud to be a Mom, proud that Type One Diabetes didn't prevent me from doing what I've always most wanted to do in life. :)

And in other news... gotta love mail like this...

...why again do I even have health insurance? I know, I know... don't answer that. Still... this is part of why I just resent diabetes so much! This is the last thing any family needs- the ridiculous expense of dealing with something they have no choice but to deal with.

Same reason I don't believe there will ever be a cure. But, that's a thread for another post :)

Hoping your coverage is better than mine and you have something relative to diabetes that makes you proud too- you DO ;),


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